Le Di-Vin

9 Randolph Pl, Edinburgh EH3 7TE, UK


Walking into Le Di-Vin is a pleasant surprise. Tacked on the side of La P’tite Folie, from outside you expect to walk into a small bar but instead the door opens into a vast, high space, lined floor to ceiling with wine (it used to be a church, but now the only God around is Bacchus). The décor is exactly as it should be for a French wine bar; dark red walls, wooden panelling and rustic pine dressers for the bread baskets. The menu too is rustically French, dominated by les planchettes (fine charcuterie, cheese and smoked fish platters) plus a few classics like croque monsieur at lunchtime and raclette in winter (on request). The main focus here is the wine though, and you can easily spend a very happy evening (or afternoon if you’re extra lucky) sipping it by the glass or sharing a bottle from a not huge, but perfectly satisfying, selection.

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monday 12:00-00:00

tuesday 12:00-00:00

wednesday 12:00-00:00

thursday 12:00-00:00

friday 12:00-00:00

saturday 12:00-00:00

sunday 12:00-00:00


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