Bread Meats Bread (Edinburgh)

90-92 Lothian Rd, Edinburgh EH3 9BE, UK

#street food

Remember the heady days of the gourmet burger fad? Turns out Bread Meats Bread is still pioneering the trend, because as other places have floundered, they’ve continued to flourish. Their Lothian Road hangout keeps the fast in fast food, but there are enough details to make it worth paying a little more than the standard chains, such as smart table service and their own lager on tap. They’re aware of how the wind is blowing too, with a comprehensive vegan menu – no fewer than ten burger and chicken options using homemade seitan and Moving Mountains’ B12 burger as well as shakes and sides – which is going down a storm. Meat is carefully sourced, which shows on a black and blue burger which pulls off the tricky balancing act of black pudding, beef patty and blue cheese successfully, while a pulled pork sandwich is juicy and tender, though slightly off-puttingly huge to eat. Nothing here could be described as dainty (though thankfully the poutine comes as a side) but it’s all part of the fun – it’s clear that this is one trend that’s here to stay, on Lothian Road at least.

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Lothian Road

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monday 12:00-22:00

tuesday 12:00-22:00

wednesday 12:00-22:00

thursday 12:00-22:00

friday 12:00-22:00

saturday 12:00-22:00

sunday 12:00-22:00



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